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Estreya Lx3
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Tower mounted


Building integrated



 Esteya Lx3 on a "Giraffe" wooden structure designed by Innoventum, Sweden

    Swirl's Estreya Lx3, is an excellent VAWT for grid-edge and off-grid urban and rural applications, for a maximum of life cycle value and a minimum of total costs of ownership.
   SWIRL offers various installation options for your Estreya Lx3, together with remote monitoring and on-site customization of the control parameters.
Mono Tower: tower mounted, height of 12 meters
Foundation adapted to the local ground composition and wind conditions to achieve the smallest footprint.

Optimized design to significantly reduce installation as well as environmental impacts.

Guyed Tower: heights of 6, 12 and 18 meters available

Height depending on local ground, wind and legal conditions.

Design developed to reduce tooling requirements and to enable standard transportation.

Ideal for remote locations difficult to access.

Building integrated: based on 4 meters mono tower

Engineered specifically for each application.

Individual solutions available for foundation to fit existing infrastructure.

Cluster integrated: two or three turbines on one single carrying structure

Custom engineered, requires only a 3x3 meter surface area.

Rotatable bridge can be independently oriented during installation, so that the wind turbines face the dominant wind directions.
Hybrid solutions: tailored to applications solutions
Special Integration Solutions can be tailored for particular locations, integrations or tower solutions and applications where LX3 could be integrated.

SWIRL can assist you with your project, to advise you on the feasibility, suggest options and optimize solutions.

This study shows a hybrid installation on a special wood tower including PV panels and serving as a carport.