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 "SINCE ENERGY IS EVERYWHERE, why do we still pollute, using fossil instead of renewable energies?"
 Looking at the world energy situation, the economic and social costs of pollution and CO2, this question strikes because of the tremendous, locally distributed impacts of combustion engines powering human activities.
 SWIRL concentrates on:
  Intelligent decentralized renewable energy service
  Clean micro-grid islands integrating our wind turbines with selected  RE generation, storage and communication equipment
  Inclusive business models
 Integrating our efficient wind turbine with our IP in clean, RE islanding solutions we:
  - Innovate decentralized energy services having high OPEX and high CO2 footprint
 -  Increase ROI, minimize CO2 footprint & OPEX, reduce social costs
 -  Operate inclusive business models with technology transfer, local assembly, manufacturing and e-services