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 "Renewable Energies in the Digital Society"
- 2013     Foundation of SWIRL SA & SWIRL SeCS, a Luxembourg Ltd. Partnership
- 2014     First successful customer site on a Water Tower (L)

               IEC 61400-2 Engineering / Design Certification (C-DA Certificate)
- 2015     Industrial development of cost competitive WT, components & remote control system to IEC 61400-2

               Successful operation on DNV-GL certification site (North Germany)
- 2016     Extensive global decentralized RE market study. Project analysis in EU, Africa, China and India

               Alliance with ISO 9001 certified engineering, manufacturing & assembly partner network in Belgium

               Luxembourg winner of www.impact2.eu 2017
- 2017     Start international business development, first projects (Cabo Verde, rural & MNO CEMG, ECOWAS)

               Successful Certification by DNV-GL of Power Curve according to IEC 61400-12-1 including machine learning

               Successful Noise Evaluation by DNV-GL according to IEC 61400-11:2012

- 2018     SWiRL SA addresses rural and MNO Hybrid RE potential in West Africa, starting in Cabo Verde, Mali, Ghana and Togo

               Scale-up via hybrid efficiency engineering & extended manufacturing network

               Create local assembly, sales & service organizations for West Africa

               Build ICEMG Network Services via M2M & M2Web, secure industrial cloud and service alliance.

 - 3D System Architecture -
Digital, Decentralized, Decarbonising