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Estreya LX series
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Tower mounted

Building integrated




 Proprietary Wind Energy Component of Hybrid SWiRL ICEMG

2018: ESTREYA LX 25 & LX 35, production in high-tech composite structure, smart hybrid configurations development.

2017 : ESTREYA LX efficient VAWT for grid-edge and off-grid urban and rural, IEC 61400-2 certified power curve including machine learning
ESTREYA LX is supplied with a variable PV configuration, remote monitoring, on-site machine learning and access to Swirl Secure Industrial Cloud Network 
Mono Tower: tower mounted, height of 12 meters
Foundation adapted to the local ground composition and wind conditions to achieve the smallest footprint.

Optimized design to significantly reduce installation costs and environmental impacts.

Latice tower variant available and standard for Hybrid CEMG
Independent "Wrap around" structure to support PV Panels, approximately 1kW peak per meter height
Building integrated: based on 4 meters mono tower

Engineered specifically for each application.

Individual solutions available for foundation to fit existing infrastructure.

Cluster integrated: two or three turbines on one single carrying structure

Custom engineered, requires only a 3x3 meter ground surface area.

Orientable bridge to place according to locally prevalent wind directions.
Hybrid ICEMG Cluster configuration with custom PV available.
Multiple RE Hybrid Cluster Configuration
Special Wind / Solar / Hydro Integration Solutions can be tailored for particular projects.

Swirl performs feasibility study, application engineering & multiple RE efficiency configuration. (Patended and pat. pending solutions)