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SWIRL VAWTs are designed to IEC 61400-2 and manufactured to ISO9001 standards

  Swirl develops, builds, manufactures and sells smart, safe reliable and efficient vertical axis wind turbines for grid-edge and off-grid wind turbine based renewable energy solutions.

 Our Engineers combine industry knowledge coming from aerospace, automotive, communication and renewable energies to develop our state-of-the-art vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT).

  The optimum solution in each design step is developed in a cross-discipline collaboration.

  This development process is aided by high performance computing using leading edge simulation tools, such as Autodesk Mechanical, ANSYS Fluent and In-house control system development software.

  Our suppliers are experts in their field for providing high-end, safe and reliable products.



Structural Design (Mechanical)

- “Optimized” component design (Autodesk Design Suite)

- Life Cycle Optimization and Structural Integrity Assurance through FEA Simulations, In-house Wind Simulation Test Beds and Field Testing.


Wind Energy Extraction (Aerodynamics)

- High performance wing design through extensive research, computational fluid dynamics simulations (CFD) and wind tunnel tests

- Optimized wing for the efficient extraction of wind energy and low structural stresses for reduced component costs and extended operating life

 Estreya Lx3  Control & Remote monitoring
Control and Remote Monitoring System (System Engineering)

- Optimal mechanical to electrical energy conversion using proprietary control system and components

- High system reliability by using industry proven control hardware (Siemens S7)

Technical Solutions

- Customized Tower Solutions and building integration for Single or Multiple VAWTs

- Site Dependent Control System customization

- 24/7 Tier 3 Specialist Customer Support


Safety and Reliability Guarantee

- Robust component design according to IEC 61400-2

- Intensive Endurance Testing

- Design Review Certification by DNV GL

- State of the Art Remote Monitoring System



Evaluation                       Analysis
& Certification             & Research

Prototyping                       Design
& Testing                  & Simulation

 Estreya L2 prototype
Windtunnel testing

In-house test bed
 Figure 3. Substantially spherical multi-blade wind turbine (SSMBWT) having blades exploiting wind-energy from anisotropic directions
 Estreya Lx3
Mechanical Design